The 3rd BRICS Mathematics Conference

The 3rd BRICS Mathematics Conference
BRICS Mathematics conference is a non‐profit scientific conference to promote mathematical communications among BRICS countries. It is expected to be held among BRICS countries regularly. In 2019, it will be organized in Innopolis University, a young Russian higher education institution focused on education and research in the field of IT and Robotics. It's our pleasure to invite you to participate in the Conference. The following areas will be covered during the Conference: Pure Mathematics; Applied Mathematics in Computer Science; Probability & Statistics.

The BRICS Mathematics Conference was hold twice.
The 1st BRICS Mathematics Conference took place in the Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, August 21st-25th, 2017. 

The 2nd conference took place in Brazil, July 23rd –27th, 2018 as an affiliated event of the International Congress of Mathematicians, in Brazil, August 1st-9th, 2018. There were 15 plenary speakers from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in Pure mathematics, applied mathematics and probability & statistics recommended by mathematics society of each country. 

Such conferences provide collaboration between mathematics society in order to share our knowledge, improve skills in research and development and teaching as well.
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