Public lecture by Jordan Stoyanov “Mathematics, Probability and Real World”

Public lecture by Jordan Stoyanov “Mathematics, Probability and Real World”

We would like to invite you to the public lecture by Professor Jordan Stoyanov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Newcastle University (UK)


This lecture is addressed to a wide audience: undergraduate and graduate Students in Computer Sciences, Teachers of courses in this area. Anybody can learn a little more about Mathematics itself, about Probability Theory = Mathematical Theory of Randomness, and their indispensable role when describing Nature and living in this (not easy) Real World.

There will be specific and challenging questions from Mathematics followed by answers, which sometime are unexpected and even surprising. The role of Probabilistic Analysis = Mathematical Theory of Randomness, will be well illustrated. All these need excellent knowledge in Computer Sciences.  

Brief discussion on Real World cases: Chernobyl disaster, Challenger shuttle disaster, floods and earthquakes, building one tunnel in Spain instead of two, a billion euros saved.   

One of the conclusion is: Real World is full of random events. We cannot avoid them! But, there is Mathematics, there is Probability/Statistics, there are powerful Computers and Excellent IT Experts, currently and in the future! This is the right way to go if we want to understand better what Real World with all its attractiveness and surprises is.   

Questions/suggestions/comments from the audience during or after the lecture are welcome! 

ATTENTION! Lecture will be held in English

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