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Открытая лекция "Shaping Academic Entrepreneurship to support Regional Innovation: Examples from Europe". Dr. Hein Roelfsema

Academic entrepreneurship is one of Hollands top priorities. The foundation: a well-developed network of academicians, innovators, corporates and government. The instruments: many public and private support initiatives for startups, from all over the world. But how does a startup become successful? Join this lecture for a look behind the scenes:  what is the essence of academic entrepreneurship? How to support regional innovation? How to attract big industrial partners? Hein Roelfsema, associate professor at Utrecht University and director of the Dutch Centers for Entrepreneurship is ready to share his ideas and give examples from The Netherlands and other European countries.

Dr. Hein Roelfsema is Associate Professor for International Entrepreneurship at Utrecht University where is is the program coordinator of the Master International Management at the Utrecht University School of Economics and the director of the Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship. He has published extensively on international trade and business as well as on entrepreneurship and innovation. In addition, he chairs the national knowledge center for entrepreneurship DutchCE and is the national host for the Global Entrepreneurship Network for the Netherlands and the EU. In national and EU policy cycles, he is a well-known expert in entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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