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Open lecture "Software infrastructure for program analyses". Eugene Zouev

The talk introduces a speaker’s initiative project devoted to design and implementation of the program semantic representation (SR). The main ideas concerning the design and implementation of the SR for mainstream languages like C++ will be explained and discussed. The most important aspect of the design of such a SR is to enable full, flexible and easy-to-use representation of all semantic features of the source language including its hidden semantics. Also, interface to SR is discussed. Finally, major operations on such SR will be introduced and discussed including semantic search – a novel and promising approach that allows very deep and non-trivial program investigations typically not possible using conventional approaches.

Speaker bio:

Eugene Zouev, PhD (Moscow State, Russia), Assistant professor at Institute of Technologies and Software Development, Lab of Software Engineering IU

Eugene Zouev graduated from the Computer Science Department of Moscow State University and got his doctoral degree (PhD) there in 1999. He worked in a number of research and development institutions,  at Moscow University and in some other universities and companies abroad. For many years, he gave lectures and did research at Moscow University and in several reputable European universities, such as ETH Zurich (2000-2006) and EPFL Lausanne (2009-2010).
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