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Open lecture "Research activities in the School of Computer Technologies and Control of ITMO University in the field of robotics and control science". Sergey Kolyubin, Associate Professor, ITMO university


The talk is about current research activities in the School of Computer Technologies and Control of ITMO University in the filed of robotics and control science, including international cooperation and industry-driven projects. I will discuss how our competences in adaptive and nonlinear control, system identification and observer design are implemented for various mechatronic and robotic applications such as mobile and humanoid robots, manipulators, sensorless drives and PV-cells. The school profile and cooperation opportunities will be highlighted as well.

Speaker bio:

Sergey Kolyubin received his BSc. and MSc. in automation and control (both with honors) as well as PhD in system analysis, control, and signal processing from ITMO University in 2008, 2010, and 2012 respectively. In 2010 and 2011, he was working as a Visiting Scientist for Control Systems Group and Manufacturing Flexibility and Robotics Group at the General Motors Main R&D Center in US. In 2012-2016, he held a Research Fellow position in Engineering Cybernetics at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In 2015, he was invited as a guest researcher to IRCCyN, France.

Currently he is working as an Associate Professor at the Control Systems and Informatics Dept., Acting Head of Mechatronics Dept., and Vice-Director for Science and Technology Foresight at the School of Computer Technologies and Control, ITMO University. 

Since 2017 together with Prof. Stefano Stramigioli he co-heads the Bio-mechatronics and Energy-Efficient Robotics International Research Lab in ITMO University.

Co-author of more than 40 papers for international per-reviewed journals and major conferences. He received a number of awards as a young scientist, including Russian Presidential Fellowship (twice) and FRINATEK Personal Overseas Research Grant from Norwegian Research Council. 

His research interests include motion analysis and trajectories planning for robotic and biomechatronic systems, system identification, adaptive and hybrid control, observer design and disturbance rejection. 

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