Andrey Getmanksiye

Andrey Getmanskiy graduated from the Kuban State University with honours, where he received the Bachelor degree in communication technologies and systems (2011–2015).  The winner of the program "UMNIK", the governor's award "IQ of the year", "Kuban school of innovators», the winner of the Russian Robotics Olympiad in 2015 and the medalist of «Our Tatarstan» in 2016. From the third to the fourth course was actively engaged in work of robotics club K-Lab. Among the projects of that time are "Robot that lays cables in a cable trays” and "System of stabilization of unmanned aerial vehicles”. Andrey Getmanskiy will complete his Master degree in Robotics at the Innopolis University in May 2017. His research interests include mobile robotics, motion planning and qualitative calculi.


Timur Mamakov

Graduated from Kazan Federal University in 2010 with the specialist degree “Biochemist, molecular biology”. Thesis “Computer modeling of protein spatial status”. Next 4 years Timur was a computer science teacher in one of the Kazan schools where he successfully trained children for academic competitions. Now he is completing his Master degree in Robotics at Innopolis University. Among his interests are Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), Computer Vision (CV), Sensor Fusion, Dynamic of the Anthropomorphic Robotics Arm based on the Torque Sensors and Variable Stiffness Actuators.


Dmitry Popov

Dmitrii graduated from Urals Radio Technical College named after A.S. Popov as specialist in creation of radio equipment. Then he graduated from Ural State University named after Boris Yeltsin with honours as bachelor of radiotechnics and master of construction and technology of electronic devices in 2014 and 2016, respectively. During the last years of training he wokred as an engineer in the department of "Technology and communication".

Currently he is working on identification and localization of robot collisions with persons, with environment, and with robots for industrial robots, as well as development of software and hardware system for anthropomorphic robot within “UMNIK” program.

Dmitrii is interested in anthropomorphic robotics, data processing, modeling of physical processes, industrial robotics, computer vision, machine learning.


Rauf Yagfarov

Rauf came from Kazakhstan, Kokshetau. He received a bachelor's degree in physics KFU (Kazan Federal University). Currently he is studying in Master of Robotics at Innopolis University and works on the project “music generation model based on GAN”

Areas of his interests: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, computer vision, robotics.


Bulat Nasrullin

Graduated from the Kazan State University, faculty of applied Mathematics and Cybernetics in 2015. Currently he is studying at Innopolis University in Master of Data Science. His research interests includes visual attention and computer vision algorithms development. Bulat speaks English and German languages.

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