Dmitru Savva

Was born in Chisinau in 1996. Has graduated Turkish Lyceum. Dmitru had been participating in academic competitions in Informatics for 5 years. Intel ISEF Alumni. Now he is Innopolis University student, working on project “Roboticized telepresence”


Arthur Korochanskiy

Entered the Southwestern State University of Kursk (Software Engineering) in 2013 and in 2015 enrolled at Innopolis University. Arthur's main interests are the study of different technologies and methodologies of programmin


Nurmukhamet Abdullin

Nurmukhamet Abdullin studied at Tyumen State University (Applied Informatics). Then  after second year he transferred to Innopolis University. Nurmukhamet fonds of Mafia game and his Thesis project is recognition of group that player belongs to.


Vladislav Lipatov

Vladislav Lipatov studied in the Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (St. Petersburg, Russia) in Information Security program. In 2015 he enrolled at Innopolis University. In summer 2016 he worked as an intern in ABBYY creating a text classifier and developing methods of processing natural language.His main interests are Machine Learning, Big Data and Data Analysis. Now he is developing a Family Tree Generator by processing and analyzing the DNA data.

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