Alexey Koshechkin

Graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University Kaluga Branch with Bachelor Degree in Robotics and mechatronic systems in 2016. At the moment  is studying on Master Program with major in robotics in Innopolis University.

Alexey is a team member that works with Gagarin robot, human-like robotic head. They create an algorithm that will allow the robot to express different emotions, repeating them from different sources like video feed, images and so on.


Kamill Gusmanov

Graduated from school in Dyurtyuli, Bashkortostan. In 2014-2015 he studied at Kazan Federal University at the Institute of Computer Science and Engineering (Applied Mathematics and Informatics). Now he is a bachelor student of Innopolis University. Kamil is one of the authors of published article “Jolie Good Buildings”. Now he works on Human - Building interaction project  


Dilshat Salikhov

Graduated with honors from school in Bacaly in 2015. Then he enrolled at KNRTU-KAI speciality Nanoelectronics and then he transferred at Innopolis University. He worked on the IoT project during the first semester (as a result an article “Jolie Good Buildings” was published). Now he works on “Computer Vision and Control for Drones and UAV's” project.


Evgeniy Sorokin

Evgeniy came to Innopolis from the capital of Republic of Khakassiya, Abakan. After he has graduated from school, he became a student of Siberian State University of telecommunications and Informatics. One year after  he transferred to Innopolis University.

Now Evgeniy is working on the project “Computer Vision and Control for Drones and UAV's


Nikita Gurov

Student of Innopolis University, Bachelor of Computer Science since 2016. As main specialization he chose the creation of robotic systems. Interested in design and constructions building for robots, working with hardware and software for them


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