Сognitive Robotic Systems Laboratory

Cognition is not any more limited to purely biological systems, as the abilities of artificial cognitive systems and robots are constantly increasing. Furthermore, increasingly complex human-machine cognitive systems start to arise, often as a special case of cyber-physical social systems. In CRSL we advance the state of the art, through appropriate utilization of advanced perception, learning, human interfaces, and a number of other related technologies, as well as by utilizing concepts, theories, and models from the cognitive sciences.

The lab's projects range from advanced humanoid robots exhibiting natural language communication as well as advanced perception and affective abilities, to EEG-based interfaces, deep learning-enabled systems, specialized quantitative calculi, and beyond. Furthermore, the lab continues several projects as well as the traditions of the Interactive Robots and Media Lab (IRML). There are frequent openings for highly-qualified and motivated members, at the research engineer, PhD student, and postdoctoral researcher members. Most importantly, CRSL maintains a number of active international collaborations with selected partners.

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