About professor

Manuel Mazzara

Manuel Mazzara
  • Country Italy
  • Title Professor, PhD
  • Degree PhD in Computer Science, University of Bologna
  • Professor
    Head, Lab of Software and Service Engineering
    Director of Institute of Software Development and Engineering

Manuel Mazzara is full professor and director of Institute of Software Development and Engineering at Innopolis University. His research background is in software engineering, service-oriented architectures and programming, concurrency theory, formal methods and software verification. He cooperated with European and US industry, plus governmental and inter governmental organisations such as the United Nations, always at the edge between science and software production. The work conducted by him and his team in recent years focuses on the development of theories, methods, tools and programs covering the two major aspects of software engineering: the process side, describing how we develop software, and the product side, describing the results of this process. Particular interest is put on formal (mathematical) specification and development techniques for production of programs guaranteed to have no bugs ("correctness by construction"). Applications domains vary from business to safety-critical, from mobile applications to intelligent systems, from smart houses and vehicles to Internet of Things and Social Networks.

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