The main purpose of the Software Engineering Laboratory is to improve software quality and to bring in expertise in order to form high-qualified specialists in this field. To achieve this goal different kind of events are organized in the frame of the lab. These events held on local, regional and world level.

SE lab organizes workshops to present our lab main activities to our potential future employees and to share our experience in the field of software engineering. The last workshop took place on the 25 of November. So that, in the nearest future new specialist from Colombia will join SE lab team. Second workshop took place on the 3rd of February, for more information, please, consult the following link (Workshop of SE lab)

We will also organize a workshop in York, UK hosted by in September 2015. Details will appear soon on the page.

· Workshop topic: Verification of Self-* Systems

We are accoedingly planning to organize a local workshop and extended training session for students and researcher in March 2015 (subject to approval)

· Topic: automatic verification of software systems with hands-on session

If you are interested in our workshop, if you want to join our team and if your field of interest and research is closely connected to what we work on, you can send an e-mail with your CV at or . We will examine your candidature (for more information, please, consult the page Lab research)

In the frame of the Lab and in collaboration with KFU a very useful and informative series of seminars is also organized: AKSES(All Kazan Software Engineering Seminars). We invite you to attend the seminars and to follow the news; schedule for next semester will appear soon in the relevant section on the site.

One of the most important event in the life of SE lab and the whole Innopolis University is the conference PSI 2015 (Perspectives of System of Informatics).This conference recognized as being one of the famous and prestigious in Russia. The PSI Conference is the premier international forum in Russia for research and its applications in computer, software and information sciences. The conference brings together academic and industrial researchers, developers and users to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in the conference area.

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