Data meaning and Bioinformatics lab.

Head: Yaroslav Kholodov, Ph.D., associate professor

Yaroslav Kholodov worked at Applied Mathematics department in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology since 2001 and taught such courses as: «Computational Mathematics», «Nonlinear Numerical Methods» and «Traffic Modeling». Prof. Kholodov was a chairman on annual school on high-performance computing at MIPT in 2009-2012 and was head of NVIDIA CUDA Research Center at MIPT in 2010-2015. Yaroslav Kholodov is an author of more than 50 scientific papers and 17 certificates of state registration on computer programs. Reviews such scientific journals as «Mathematical Modeling» and «Computer Researches and Modeling», co-author of 4 textbooks.

Research interests: data mining, bioinformatics and traffic modeling by adaptive control algorithms.

Ph.D. student:  Viktor Kazorin, PhD


M.S. in Automation and control (Department of Information Technology, MSMU). Viktor acomplished Yandex School of Data Analysis (Department of Data Analysis). During his studies at YSDA, worked in analyzing the relationship between the effectiveness of chemotherapy and gene expression levels.  Viktor is also interested in the field of computational linguistics. Co-author of 2 publications in licensed journals.

Ph.D. student: Ivan Grebenkin, PhD


M.S. in Data mining at Innopolis University, B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Physics (Department of Information Technology and Applied Mathematics, MIPT). Ivan was engaged in the development of a computational library for proteinaceous docking algorithms optimization using Monte-Carlo methods.

Ph.D. student: Sergey Kotelnikov, M.S.

M.S. in Applied Mathematics and Physics (Department of Information Technology and Applied Mathematics, MIPT). Sergey was an intern at Stony Brook University, USA and worked on computational algorithms for modeling and analysis of protein-protein and protein-ligand complexes. 

Assistant: Alexey Karachev, B.S.

B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Physics (Technical Cybernetics, Department of Aerophysics and Space Research, MIPT). Alexey was an intern at Infocommunication Technologies center (MIPT, NetCracker). Continues M.S. at MIPT on the Department of Information Technology and Applied Mathematics.

Research goals:

The mission of the DMB Lab is to conduct cutting-edge research in data meaning areas through both applied and theoretically based approaches in order to produce noteworthy results that are not only publishable but applicable to our daily lives.

Also, it is significantly important for us to provide an environment for university students to polish and excel in their research and development skills.

Main research areas of the laboratory today:

  • Data meaning

  • Bioinformatics: protein interaction modeling

  • Deep learning for peptide-protein docking

  • Traffic data fusion from various types of sources

  • Traffic flow modeling with adaptive control of traffic lights to improve the efficiency of a transportation network

  • Road state forecast in a situation of regular and unpredicted overloads of a transportation network

  • Engineering and development of algorithms for automated intelligent transport systems

International partnership:

The laboratory collaborates with the research group of Professor Dmitry Kozakov (Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Stony Brook University, USA) in bioinformatics.


The laboratory cooperates with such companies as «Innosoft» and «RoadAR», residents of special economic zone «Innopolis».

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