Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab

Principal Investigator – Yaroslav Kholodov, PhD, assistant professor

Senior Researcher – Anton Trantin, MS in Information Technology

Research Associate – Andrey Alekseenko, MS in Applied Mathematics and Physics

Master student – Ivan Grebenkin

Master student – Aleksey Karachev

Research goals::

Emergent problems of transportation systems require complex multipronged solutions both not only in the field of development and optimization of road network infrastructure, but also in day-to-day control of transporation system aimed at increasing its reliability and safety of its participants, both in operational and urgent conditions. The solution of these problems requires development and ubiquitous adoption of software and hardware appliances controlling and monitoring road traffic for supervisory control and data acquisition system for traffic data. Such systems would aggregate and analyse the data from traffic detectors and cameras to account for all known factors affecting transportation network, such as regularly updated data of current road pavement state, traffic rules for lane change and crossroads, traffic light schedules, road work information, weather conditions etc. Another reqirement for resilent and effective system for intellectual control of urban road traffic is the data acquisation and analysis mechanism. Aggregation and assimilation of big heterogeneous data related to transportation systems is one of the major research interesets of our laboratory, because it allows dramatic increase in data analysis compared to using only single date source.

Reasearch topics:

  • Intellectual analysis of transportation data

  • Computer modeling of road traffic using adaptive traffic light control algorithms

  • Road state forecast in situation of regular and unpredicted overloads of transporation network

  • Development of urban traffic models aimed at helping long-term planning (development) or road infrastructure

  • Engineering and development of automated intelligent transport systems

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