Faculty Members:

Qiang Qu is an assistant professor at Department of Computer Science of Innopolis University. He received his Ph.D. at Aarhus University, supervised by Christian S. Jensen. His Ph.D. research was supported by the GEOCrowd project under Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. During and before his Ph.D., he worked at ETH Zurich, Carnegie Mellon University, Nanyang Technological University, and Singapore Management University as a research scholar. He obtained his M.Sc in Computer Science from Peking University. His current research interests are in smart transportation, spatial-rich data management, large-scale data mining, knowledge-base systems, and information flow and cascading behavior in networks. Along his study, he has been awarded, e.g., Canon Scholarship, China Excellence National Scholarship, and Honorable Awards of International Mathematics Modeling Competition and Java Cup Competition. He has work experience in Sun Microsystems and IBM China Research Lab, and he has been involved in several projects supported by governments and companies.

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