Cyber-Physical Systems Lab

The Cyber-Physical Systems Lab focuses on the challenges for the development of novel cyber-physical systems in a wide range of application domains including: IoT, smart cities, industrial systems, automotive, railways, avionics, etc. The lab carries out research activities funded by public bodies and private companies at Federal and International level. The current research activities focus mainly on the following areas:

  1. Software development and testing: approaches and tools to support the development and testing of CPS focusing on the usage of Agile Methods and Open Source Software.
  2. Software quality: techniques and tools to measure and improve the overall quality of a software product analyzing both the product itself and the production process.
  3. Data collection and analysis: techniques and tools to support the collection, the integration, and the analysis of a large amount of data coming from different sources such as sensors, software systems, databases, etc. Such data will be used to develop models to evaluate and predict the reliability of complex systems that include both hardware and software.
  4. Infrastructure: software and hardware systems to support the simulation and the development of complex and interconnected CPS.

The research activities carried out at the lab are mainly empirical and developed in collaboration with companies and international research partners.

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