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Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis

Everyone interested will be able to turn her/his own ideas into reality together with Innopraktika in 2018!

It is therefore necessary to submit development projects which meet the following requirements:

The project should contribute to the development of national human capital and have a positive effect on innovation chain of the country. 

The project requires a long-term project development plan, which justifies the achievement of a positive effect for the growth of Russia's innovative economy through its implementation. It is desirable to offer measurable quantitative indicators that reflect the dynamics of the successful implementation of the proposed non-commercial project.

The project should be systemically important and could be implemented on a national scale. 

The expected results of the project in the future should be of great importance to the maximum number of constituent regions of the Russian Federation. Only the projects for which a scaling-up does not lead to a proportional growth in needed resources are considered.

Participants are advised to provide a step plan of the project implementation on a quarterly basis for the first year of the project implementation and on a yearly basis for the medium term (up to 5 years). It is necessary to formulate the expected results in the form of specific quantitative indicators for each stage of the project implementation.

Participants should have not only "Innopraktika" funding (initital support), but several potential sources of funding for the project implementation in the medium term (up to 5 years) after the initial support.

The "Innopraktika" support can be involved at the stage of testing the core ideas of the project, for the implementation of one or several pilot projects. Any confirmation letters of the industrial partners are considered an asset.

To submit your application, please fill in the application form on the website of competition.

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