Innopolis University and "Zarnitza" Production Association signed a Cooperation Agreement

The company and the IT University are going to promote robotic movement, create learning aids for schoolchildren and students, develop equipment and training simulators.

Innopolis University and "Zarnitza" Production Association signed a Cooperation Agreement

August 16, Innopolis University. As part of the Exposition on Information Technology in Education, Kirill Semenikhin, Director of Innopolis University, and Artur Abdulzyanov, President of “Zarnitza” Production Association, signed a Cooperation Agreement. The deal was made in presence of Roman Shaykhutdinov Minister of Information and Communication of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The parties agreed to exchange scientific and technical information in the field of robotics, develop equipment, design testing facilities, training simulators, constructors, and methods of teaching robotics, cooperate in the field of professional development, provide expert support in identification of commercialization potential of scientific projects, participate in joint projects and submit grant applications together.


Artur Abdulzyanov, President of “Zarnitza” Production Association, noticed that cooperation will enable students of educational institutions not just to have a look at ready-to-use robots but to learn how they are created using special equipment and methodological base.

"Our company has recently started working in a new area in robotics, and we would like to promote it in the Republic of Tatarstan. We are planning to develop multimedia programs for schoolchildren and students of secondary professional education institutions, considering that one can start exploring robotics at any age. Possibly, together with Innopolis University we will start creating manuals for students, explained Artur Abdulzyanov. - We also plan to produce equipment here. Signing of the agreement with Innopolis University is an impulse to the development of our company and is a great honour for us.


"Development of robotics as part of the agreement with ʺZarnitzaʺ is definitely a bonus for Innopolis University. Our University offers  a Master's program in Robotics, it organizes the Russian Robot Olympiad and runs selection of members of the national team to represent Russia at the World Robot Olympiad. Robotics is getting more popular, and cooperation with companies that encourage joint development of robots will increase opportunities and expertise in this matter", - added  Director of University Innopolis Kirill Semenikhin. 

"Zarnitza" Production Association is an acknowledged leader on the Russian market of development and manufacturing of innovative training equipment and manuals. Thanks to modern high-tech equipment, front-end technology and highly skilled professionals the company is able to offer products that meet all safety and ergonomics requirements providing maximum facilities for organization of classes and technical works. Manufactured products have been widely accepted a long time ago and are currently used by many educational organizations of the Russian Federation.

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