Selection of Russian Projects for the Open Category of the World Robot Olympiad started

Successful participants of the competition will join the national team of Russia formed during the training camp held at Innopolis University in August.

Selection of Russian Projects for the Open Category of the World Robot Olympiad started
This summer young robotic enthusiasts from Russia gathered at Innopolis University to compete with each other at the Russian Robot Olympiad and the Federal training camp. The main purpose of young people is to join the Russian national team that will go to the capital of India and participate in the World Robot Olympiad to be held this November.

The video report below will help you to recall the best moments of the Russian finals:
15 teams from 13 regions that took part in the Regular Category and Robot Football in August already have their tickets to New Delhi. Participants of the Open Category are still waiting for the decision of the jury. According to the WRO regulations, they had delivered project materials before September 11. Starting from September 12, four teams that developed the best projects will be selected by the top Robotics instructors from all parts of Russia that gathered at a closed forum.

"All projects of this year are very strong in comparison to those presented earlier," said  Aleksandr Kolotov, Senior Specialist in STEM-programs at Innopolis University.

Students from St. Petersburg aim to remove scrap from the ocean surface and its bottom by means of machine vision and advanced control algorithms for absorbing momentum which is typical for vehicles moving on the water surface. Participants from Nizhny Novgorod have developed a project illustrating the entire cycle of bio-degradable waste processing with further generation of a mixture of fertilizers. It is interesting that results of the project include cultivation of plants using the mentioned fertilizer mixture", - said Aleksandr Kolotov.

So far, these and other projects are being evaluated by experts. The four winners will be announced in late September.

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