The winners of the Russian Robot Olympiad are announced

Innopolis University has officially closed the Russian Robot Olympiad, a competition that involved 589 participants from 50 Russian regions. Today the jury announced the winners in 8 categories. 

The winners of the Russian Robot Olympiad are announced
Photo by / Lesya Polyakova

Winners and prize-holders of the Olympiad came from Tomsk, Syktyvkar, Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk Region, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Izhevsk, Saransk, Republic of Tatarstan, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow Region, Chelyabinsk Region, Kirov, Rostov Region, Perm, Penza, and Murmansk. Participants competed for awards in 8 main categories: Regular, Open, Advanced Robotics, Robot Football, Service and Industrial Intelligent Robotic Systems, Motor Intelligent Robotic Systems, Water Intelligent Robotic Systems and Flying Intelligent Robotic Systems. Certain challenges of the Olympiad, in particular, autonomous flying vehicles and TetraStack, were introduced for the first time.

All winners and prize-holders will take part in the Federal Training Boot Camp held by the IT University. Based on the boot camp results, members of the Russian national robotics team will be announced in September of this year. The national team will take part in the World Robot Olympiad in Costa Rica. 

According to Aleksey Khabibullin, Head the Office of Project-Oriented Olympiads: “This year participants are very strong – there is no random people here, only well-trained robotic enthusiasts. A competition was tough in all categories. It was often hard to decide on the winner until the final round. A team from Primorsk Region that came in the top place for the first time in the Olympiad history impressed the jury”. 

This year, the key theme of the robotic competition was consistent development. During the first two days of the Olympiad, young robotic technicians demonstrated how to use technologies to clear the road from traffic jams, save the city from greenhouse gases, help handicapped people to do grocery shopping, clean and lighten the adjacent ground by means of mirrors.

Innopolis University has been holding the Russian Robot Olympiad since 2014. Last year the platform provided by the IT University gathered 557 children from 51 Russian region. At the World Robot Olympiad, the international stage of the competition held in New Delhi, our national team won 4 medals in the challenges as follows: Robot Football, Open Category and Creative Category.

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Motor Intelligent Robotic Systems:

1 place — Vladimir Markov and Ivan Kudryavtsev from Tomsk

2 place — Dmity Perkov and Maksim Chuprov from Syktyvkar

Water Intelligent Robotic Systems:

1 place — Andrey Mudrov and Daria Zyablitskaya from Vldivostok 

2 place — Vitaly Shevchenko and Ivan Sukhov from Vladivostok

3 place — Danila Buryak, Ekaterina Novikova and Nikolay Tuslov from Krasnoyarsk Region


Flying Intelligent Robotic Systems:

1 place — Vladimir Eganov from Saint Petersburg

2 place — Aleksandr Drenov, Matvey Urvantsev and Artem Vasyunik from Moscow 

3 place — Andrey Sviridov from Saint Petersburg

Personal Intelligent Robotic Systems for Comfortable Life (Open Category):

1 place — Mikhail Shevnin from Izhevsk 

2 place — Stanislav Ershov from Saransk 

3 place — Vladislav Drokin and Danil Orlov from Izhevsk;

Manipulators: Sorting (Service and Industrial Intelligent Robotic Systems):

1 place — Georgy Di and Ivan Kobets from Vladivostok 

2 place — Albina Missarova and Ildan Petrov from Kazan 

3 place — Pavel Kuklin and Pavel Mikhalev from Novosibirsk

Location: Map (Service and Industrial Intelligent Robotic Systems):

1 place — Andrey Linyushin from Nizhny Novgorod Region 

2 place — Renat Valeev and Aydar Garikhanov from Innopolis 

3 place — Alexey Eberil and Maksim Vasilchenko from Moscow Region

SLAM (Service and Industrial Intelligent Robotic Systems):

1 place — Alexander Fedotov and Artem Volobuev from Chelyabinsk

Robots for Consistent Development (Elementary, Open Category):

1 place — Danis Valiullin and Nikita Vivat from Kazan 

2 place — Andrey Mochalov and Ruslan Sebeldin from Kirov 

3 place — Mikhail Simakov and Mikhail Trufmanov from Rostov Region

Robots for Consistent Development (Junior, Open Category):

1 place — Kirill Egorkin, Ilya Ustinov and Mikhail Gorodov from Saint Petersburg

2 place — Avdey Bespalov, DanilaEfremov and Gleb Bespalov from Nizhny Novgorod

3 place — Alexey Kotov and Georgy Bondar from Moscow

Robots for Consistent Development (Senior, Open Category)

1 place — Gleb Zagarskikh, Maksim Mikhailov and Daniil Nichaev from Saint Petersburg

2 place — Alexey Ovsyanitsky and Gleb Talantsev from Chelyabinsk

3 place — Denis Gogolev and Ilya Kolomeytsev from Perm


Special nominations in the Open Category:

For the best research — Daniil Dyachkov from Penza 

For solution of the global problem — Maksim Gromakov and Fedor Sturov from Moscow 

For the best solution of a complicated task — Artem Popov and Roman Prokhorov from Chelyabinsk

Nature-Oriented Tourism (Regular Category):

1 place — Aleksander Mandron and Artem Turischev from Vladivistok

2 place — German Novokhodsky and Fedor Siyanko from Vladivostok

3 place — Aleksey Alekseev and Aleksey Nelyubin from Chelyabinsk Region

Carbon Neutrality (Regular Category):

1 place — Aleksey Matyukhin and Anfisa Bogdanenko from Vladivostok

2 place — Arina Grigorieva and Igor Mangarkov from Novosibirsk

3 place — Kirill Sannikov and Pavel Shevtsov from Murmansk

Clear Renewable Energy (Regular Category):

1 place — Oleg Marchenko and Pavel Toropov from Novosibirsk 

2 place — Georgy Sharipov and Robert Gufranov from Chelyabinsk Region

3 place — Almaz Yakupov and Artur Khayrullin from Tatarstan

TetraStack (Advanced Robotic Challenge):

1 place — Daniil Burakov and Islam Khamitov from Tatarstan 

2 place — Anastasiya Romanova and Vyacheslav Teryukhin from Chelyabinsk Region

3 place — Aleksander Ishushin and Sergey Shapyotkin from Syktyvkar

Robot Football

1 place — Galina Shlyaga and Ivan Smirnov from Chelyabinsk Region 

2 place — Roman Vertyachikh and Semen Sanarov from Tatarstan 

3 place — Olga Kozlova and Sergey Chuprikov from Moscow

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