Innopolis University is named the Best Employer 2017

According to results of three-year activities, the Russian IT University was recognized as the best employer by the leadership of the Global Education Program.

Innopolis University is named the Best Employer 2017

Aliya Samatova, Vice-Rector for University Development, was presented with a notable mark for great achievements on behalf of Innopolis University. “People at Innopolis University and finalists of the Global Education Program are cut from the same cloth. These are not just people who studied abroad but experts able to fulfil their potential and bring to Russia the best global practices adopted during the internship”, — said Aliya Samatova.

Innopolis University currently has 9 finalists of the Global Education Program. In particular, Kirill Saltanov, who received a Master’s degree in Information Technology with major in Data Security from the National University of Singapore. Today Kirill is a Teaching Assistant at the Master’s degree program “Secure Systems and Networks Engineering” at Innopolis University.

“I studied modern methods and technologies of data security and was involved both in individual and group projects, including those connected with the Singapore IT industry. Besides, I had a chance to exchange experience with experts in data security, — told Kirill. — At Innopolis University I take part in the development of cybersecurity courses. Studies in Singapore helped me to apply and share knowledge and also use modern practice-focused approaches to building the educational process for students. In addition, I work on industry projects at the CERT Centre of Innopolis University where I design corporate courses on data security, carry out audit and assessment of the security level of automated systems, and participate in investigation of computer incidents”.

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