Students of Innopolis University created an application for searching babysitters in Ireland and an e-waiter

During the summer internship at the European Innovation Academy (EIA) in Nice students of the Russian IT university Aydar Akhmetzianov and Igor Shulgan developed mobile applications helping to find a babysitter and order lunch in a restaurant.

Students of Innopolis University created an application for searching babysitters in Ireland and an e-waiter

Students of Innopolis University did their summer internship at Russian and foreign IT companies. Aydar Akhmetzianov learned about internship in Europe from the University mail-out. He passed the online interview and went to France for a month.

Together with his four teammates, the student has created and launched a mobile application for parents looking for babysitters. "This service is designed for parents who need to immediately find a qualified babysitter in good standing able to come in 60 minutes", — said Aydar Akhmetzianov, a student of Innopolis University.


The application is similar to a taxi service: A babysitter having a relevant training certificate can register their profile in the application. Parents log in the program and create a request so that available babysitters could respond.

"At the end of September we will launch this project in Ireland. The government here controls and regulates training and certification of babysitters so there is a guarantee that a reliable person will look after children", — commented Aydar.


Feedback from other users helps families to choose a good babysitter. Using the service one can find the right person who will take kids to school and pick them up, or even a family friend who will take care of children for several years. The application is available in App Store and Google Play.

The team is now waiting for a response from an Irish organization regarding financial support of the project in the amount of 15,000 Euro for development of a small and medium-size business. According to the student, the team will launch the application in Russia if they find investors. In the Russian version of the application, developers will add service helping to find a nurse for elderly or sick people.

Igor Shulgan was also an intern at the European Innovation Academy. According to the student, at the online interview he had his motivation, IT skills and English language proficiency checked.


During 24 days, the student together with the team consisting of five people worked on an application for food delivery and take-out. "Having an hour-long lunch break, people are often short of time for a normal meal. In this case, fast food seems to be a reasonable choice. We have designed a service that enables an instant delivery of a balanced lunch", - said Igor.

When the user logs in the application he/she can see the menu and the time when dishes are available in different restaurants. It is quite simple: you choose the place, order meals, and specify the time when you want dishes to be ready. Then you just come at the appointed hour to enjoy your lunch. It saves at least 30 minutes that are normally spent on looking through the menu and waiting for an order.


"Similar applications are already used in America, but they are few. Our service is different because restaurants can specify the number of dishes that they can serve in advance thus facilitating the cooking process," - explained Igor Shulgan.

So far, the application has not been launched. However, at the end of the internship program it was tested and approved by investors and tutors of the Academia. During a month, the students plan to run the application in France where they have found a mentor helping the team to join a program of the French Startup Accelerator. Software developers expect to receive financial support in the form of investments from the accelerator.


"Internship abroad is different from similar training in Russia because here we learn how to write programs while there students create start-ups. I would recommend doing internship at the Academy to everyone willing to start their own business. This international experience provides opportunities for networking with people of different professions, those who created successful and failed startups. These 3 weeks will help to avoid thousands of errors and problems that occur when a project is being launched, and also to find future colleagues and investors," - added Igor Shulgan.


Director for International and Academic Cooperation of Innopolis University Elmira Shimchik noticed that participation of the IT University’s students in the Summer School of the European Innovation Academy and development of in-demand projects is another evidence of the fact that the University provides practice-oriented knowledge and skills.: "The European Innovation Academy cooperates with the most remarkable influencers from Silicon Valley: UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Google, IBM, CA, etc. All these organizations are involved in development and implementation of the Academy's programs. The next Summer School of the Academy will take place in Italy in July 2017. We hope that students of Innopolis University will be able to demonstrate their best knowledge and skills".

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