How I spent this summer: Students of Innopolis University tell about their internships at Yandex, ICL and other IT companies

During two months students of the IT University had been developing an application for secure SMS messaging, an image recognition program, designing data storage systems and new features of popular services.

How I spent this summer: Students of Innopolis University tell about their internships at Yandex, ICL and other IT companies

For their summer internship, students of Innopolis University chose companies that seemed the most attractive in terms of their further development. Once the students had passed placement interviews they had been working among professionals during 8 weeks. From this article you will learn about effective interaction between students of the IT University and industrial companies.

UNITS (TaxNet)

Eight Bachelor and Master's degree students, i.e. Segey LimYulduz Fattakhova, Ruzilya MirgalimovaAlbert ZabirovAlexander ShunevichDenis ZaplatnikovKenneth Nwafor and Alexey Mukhin did their internship at the company focused on development of software products and electronic document management.


Interns were divided into three dealing with three projects. During eight weeks one of the groups under supervision of Arthur Gainullin had been developing a mobile application to secure incoming mobile data. The Cryptogramm ID application is now available at Play Market.

"We have devised an internship plan and assigned tasks to be completed for promotion of our business," said Diana Akhmetshina, Senior Manager for Public Relations at TaxNet. Thus, one of the students' tasks was to develop an application that will guarantee a security level necessary for cloud-based procedures involving e-signature. Our goal is to minimize the risk of hacking and SMS message interception.

Students worked on UX-design with regard to the factors that influence the quality of interaction between the target audience and the application: psychology, design, statistics and other related areas. They had developed a software and hardware of a system for remote electronic signature in the personal profile of the web-service "Business Office" (Delovoy Kabinet) (reporting to public authorities by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs).

According to internship results, the company is ready to offer full-time employment to several students., Ruzilya Mirgalimova, one of the interns, noticed that she got necessary experience and material for her graduation project.


Gulmira Zhadigerova did her internship at ABBYY, a global developer of solutions in the field of intelligent information processing and linguistics. Together with other students of Innopolis University, Gulmira was to develop an application for image recognition. The company announced the task at the interview offering extended work on computer linguistics or image recognition and text processing. Gulmira chose the second option.


"We used methods allowing the machine to identify or analyze an image. Later on, we taught the machine how to classify provided data. Besides, we ran tests, repeated experiments and improved techniques to enhance the achieved results", - explained the young lady.

Gulmira's knowledge of Mathematics proved beneficial in understanding of image processing algorithms, while good programming skills came in useful for making a high-quality code. In addition, a course of Software Architecture that Gulmira took at the University helped her to organize the work process in general: "Our University is a source of practical knowledge that teaches you what to do when involved in real projects".

ICL Services

The largest system integrator in Russia invited students to work on a software-defined data storage systems. Student of Innopolis University Pavel Sozonov was excited when the company offered him the opportunity to do internship in Cloud Computing, which turned out to be the most promising and appealing area for the young man.

Working at the company was quite a challenge for Pavel because he was not aware of  certain tools for automatic application deployment and configuration. However, Pavel's experience in management of multiple documents and analysis of complex systems helped him to solve the problem: “I have studied many modern approaches to information systems design, and learned how to use powerful and efficient tools and technologies”, - said the student.

Thanks to this unique internship experience, Pavel has made up his mind to continue working at ICL Services upon graduation.


Marat Shaykhislamov did his internship at Yandex. In addition to the company’s strong reputation, the student got attracted by the paid internship. He had successfully passed through three stages of interviews and became a team member of the popular company for two months.


Marat's task was to support and implement a new software and hardware system of Yandex.Market. The intern was dealing with development and technical support of service interfaces and worked on a project related to switching of all mobile users to a “touch” version of Yandex.Market.

In the early internship stages, Marat found it hard to deal with unfamiliar programming phases and sophisticated architecture, but he studied the new material on his own in order to do a high-quality job.


A student of Innopolis University Gael Gedya got interested in Etton, a company focused on development of automation systems for public and private sectors, because it had an open vacancy of Android OS developer, which is the area the student is so enthusiastic about.


During the internship, Gael assisted in writing of a project management program for Android OS. Being a student of Innopolis University, Gael Gedya learned how to properly manage with heavy workload, deal with data structures in Java and object-oriented programming which helped him do a good job at the company. According to Gael, he had to cope with certain challenges individually which could have been much easier with a mentor's guidance. Still, he had an opportunity to check his creativity level.


TGT OiL welcomed five internship students: Darina Dementyeva, Anastasia Trimasova, Anastasia Rodionova, Andrey Lebedev and Dumitru Savva. Young people were allocated to several company divisions with different responsibility areas.


In particular, Darina Dementyeva did her internship at the Department of Magnetic Impulse Defect Detection where she was challenged with an interesting task.  “If you imagine a cross-section of any oil-and-gas tool mounted in the ground, you will get a 2D projection. My task was to build a triangulation with certain features for this scheme”, - said Darina.

The young lady explained that later on this network will be used to solve differential equations with boundary constraints for defect analysis. During her internship, Darina  was dealing with a С++ library for computational geometry and used its functions to complete the given task.

The list of companies that took students of Innopolis University for the summer internship includes SKB Kontur, Intel, Kaspersky, Digital Security and Servionica. Industrial internships helped students to identify their strengths and weaknesses in practice and identify improvement tracks. Working as a part of large teams of major companies, students have set individual goals for their future work in the industry or development of their own projects. Upon graduation, some of the students would like to pursue their work in the companies where they did the summer internship.  

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