Experts of Innopolis University will speak at the Russian robotics exhibition 'Robotics Expo 2017'

Representatives of the Russian IT University will discuss the prospects for the development of collaborative robotics and tell about robotic projects of the University.

Experts of Innopolis University will speak at the Russian robotics exhibition 'Robotics Expo 2017'

At the expo stand of Innopolis University participants of the exhibition will see a cognitive robot named 'Gagarin' that is able to recognize and repeat emotions of its interlocutor and answer his/her questions.  At the educational lecture, experts of the University will tell about current robotic developments of the higher education institution and the admission process to Innopolis University

At the conference that will gather analysts, developers, representatives of large IT-companies, Alexander Klimchik, Head of the Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic Systems of Innopolis University, will tell about the development of collaborative robotics.

"Robots become an integral part of our lives, and their purpose is to interact with humans. The hot-button issue is the interaction between humans and robots that were originally designed for autonomous work. Modern trends change these guidelines, and robots often collaborate with humans, says Alexander Klimchik. This fact requires a review of robot control algorithms - a classic approach can be dangerous for a human. Scientists and engineers are looking for new solutions which will make robots a safe tool for people without losing their efficiency and accuracy."

The experts will also discuss artificial intelligence projects, the introduction of blockchain into robotics, trends and cases of using robots in different areas of life, current software and other tools for robot design and programming. International robotics experts will give workshops on robot assembly.

For the first time, the exhibition organizes a start-up alley, a pitch session for ICO projects and ta start-up battle. Start-up companies and young developers are going to present their ideas and get feedback from investors.

Robotics Expo will take place in Moscow on November 25-26. Registration is open until November, 24 -

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