Postgres Professional opens a lab at Innopolis University

A Russian developer of databases Postgres Pro. opens, a research and technical laboratory at the University.

Postgres Professional opens a lab at Innopolis University

9 June, Postgres Professional and Innopolis University have signed an agreement on cooperation in promotion of Russian IT industry in the field of research and education. The partners plan to establish and develop general education programs and discover new training areas for students of the IT-University, update existing training programs, provide mutual consulting services and activities of professional development, promote internships, project work, pre-graduation practice and job placement.

The agreement foresees close interaction of the company employees and students in the key evolution areas of the Postgres system. Besides, it implies involvement of young people in R&D activities of the company and planning of further development of database management systems.

Opening of Postgres Pro., a research and technical laboratory, at Innopolis University is the first step in this direction. The new laboratory will bring together leading developers of the company having 20 years of experience in design and creation of competitive database management systems.

Andrey Fleita, Deputy CEO at Postgres Professional, described joint action plans of the company and the University: "A year ago we started communicating with Innopolis, met with students, told them about our projects and prospects. As a result, we came up with an effective cooperation format which is beneficial for both parties. Projects of Postgres Pro Laboratory will engage at least 40 students and faculty members of the University who got interested in our scope of business during the meetings. Postgres Professional runs similar projects at St. Petersburg State University, Altai State University, Voronezh State University and other higher education institutions. We have decided to open the first lab in Innopolis because our head office is moving there and it is easier to work where you live. So far we are designing an academic course together with our colleagues from St. Petersburg University. Once it is ready, we will launch it at Innopolis University. We hope that the majority of students and laboratory members would like to do internship at Postgres Professional and keep working in our company.

"Our cooperation with Postgres Professional has scaled up to a new level. A powerful industrial company being a partner of Innopolis University in the field of research and educational programs will allow our students to immerse in industrial case studies as part of their courses. Thus, we will be able to train IT experts ready to take responsibility and create complex and ambitious projects, "- said Alexander Tormasov, Rector of Innopolis University.

Postgres Professional was established by Russian developers of PostgreSQL, a free database management system. Three major contributors and leading developers of the international community are among the founders. Oleg Bartunov, CEO of the company, has been dealing with PostgreSQL data base management systems for 20 years. In 2016, the company released Postgres Pro, its own data base management system, the improved version of PostgreSQL. Postgres Pro is among the first products included in the Unified Register of Domestic Software. According to TAdviser, in May 2016, the company joined the list of Top-10 leaders of the Russian IT-market. Since June 2016, the head office of Postgres Professional will move to Innopolis.

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