Open Olympiad of Innopolis University 2018: competition running in 3 countries in parallel

The Olympiad on Informatics gathered 250 participants in Innopolis, Saint Petersburg, Minsk and Bishkek.

Open Olympiad of Innopolis University 2018: competition running in 3 countries in parallel

20 participants became the winners of the Olympiad, 13 and 30 young people received second and third grade awards respectively. Ildar Gaynullin, student of the 9th form from Kazan, who was trained by Innopolis University, became a total winner. He got the maximum score — 478 points. Schoolchildren from Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Estonia, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Netherlands, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and 30 Russian regions were involved in the 2-day competition.

The Open Olympiad of Innopolis University is included in the list of competitions for schoolchildren for the academic year 2017/2018. Winners and awardees get certain privileges if they enter Russian universities. For instance, they do not have to pass any admission tests or results of the Olympiad counts equal for 100 scores at the Unified State Exam on the field-specific subject.

As part of the Olympiad, the organizers offered an on-site selection for the participants from abroad willing to get a 100% study grant from Innopolis University. In addition, representatives of companies, in particular, MTS, EPAM, Wargaming, and faculty members of the Russian IT University gave lectures on the topics as follows: “Use if Neural Network for Classification of Texts”, “Universal Data Type”, “Lifecycle of a Project Manager in IT”, “Map of IT Professions 2.0”.

Innopolis University has been organizing the Open Olympiad on Informatics since 2014. In 2017, this competition for young programmers entered the international arena and was held on two platforms — Innopolis and Minsk.

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