New Cloud Technologies and Innopolis University agreed on cooperation

New Cloud Technologies, a developer of MyOffice software, and Innopolis University will start cooperating in the field of research and creation of joint educational programs. Today, at the CIPR Conference the parties have signed a relevant collaboration agreement. 

New Cloud Technologies  and Innopolis University agreed on cooperation

New Cloud Technologies and Innopolis University agreed to collaborate in several areas. Vendor of the office software and MyOffice products will take part in development of educational programs and creation of new areas of education for the IT-University. Next year, students of the University will undergo a pre-graduation practice, do internship and attend a series of seminars and workshops designed by developers of MyOffice software package. The University will train experts for the developer of MyOffice and provide an opportunity of advanced training for employees of its industrial partner.

"Together with Innopolis University we plan to design a number of educational programs focused on building of key competences for developers dealing with the new-generation complex software products like MyOffice. This cooperation will strengthen our team and enable a number of cutting-edge research studies that will help to enhance the IT industry in general," - said Dmitry Komissarov, CEO of New Cloud Technologies.

The parties have also agreed to conduct joint research and exchange scientific and technical information in the field of development of office applications and cloud solutions.

«Innopolis University strives for successful cooperation with the best industrial representatives in the field of high technologies. We are pleased to start collaborating with New Cloud Technologies, a developer and distributor of office programs. For students of our IT-University it is a chance to obtain applied knowledge and prove themselves in interesting and perspective projects of a leading representative of the domestic IT market", - commented Alexander Tormasov, Rector of Innopolis University.

New Cloud Technologies is a vendor of fully functional office software for workstations and mobile devices. Since 2013, the company has been delivering software and cloud services to corporate users under the MyOffice ® brand name. MyOffice ® software package is a platform for collaborative editing of all types of documents and files, as well as a full set of advanced office applications for Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS and Tizen mobile platforms. The product also includes a private mail server and a client MyOffice Mail that can be deployed on the client's infrastructure. MyOffice ® products are included in the Unified Register of Domestic Software.


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