Rustam Minnikhanov meets the best 1st-year students of Innopolis University

Students of Innopolis University discussed with the President of the Republic of Tatarstan educational issues and perspectives of the local IT industry development.

Rustam Minnikhanov meets the best 1st-year students of Innopolis University

The President had a meeting with 1st-year students who came to study at the Russian IT University from India, Greece, Argentina, Republic of South Africa, Egypt, France, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 64 regions of the Russian Federation, including awardees and winners of Russian academic competitions, members of national teams representing Russia at the international academic competitions, honours students, and pupils of top-100 general education institutions of our country.

Rustam Minnikhanov welcomed students recently matriculated at the Russian IT University and noticed that they were just at the right place: “The level of student selection is very high here — the best professors from Russia and abroad are involved in the admission process. Innopolis University is the intelligent core of the local IT industry. Innopolis is a place where you can make your professional dreams come true. Here you can enjoy comfortable environment for life, work and studying”.


Students addressed questions to the President regarding his expectations of Innopolis and other innovative projects of the Republic of Tatarstan, opportunities of local startup development and the role of information technology in life of modern people. Rustam Minnikhanov told that projects currently implemented at Innopolis would seem unreal 5 years ago and the city is ready to support young entrepreneurs willing to do their own startups. The President also mentioned that no industry functions without IT: “Public health, law enforcement agencies, petrochemical industry, engineering — all these areas use digital technologies. The government understands it and supports development of IT in many spheres, including education, because students form the future”. 


“Education at Innopolis University is appealing for the best students in Russia and abroad. So far, we have students from 31 country, in particular, Spain, Greece, China, India, Republic of South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Columbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Syria. We gathered here people able to produce breakthrough products and showed the President what achievements we have made”, — commented Sergey Masyagin, Vice-Provost for Education at Innopolis University. 

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