Students of Innopolis University speak about manufacturing process at Kamaz

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students of the Russian IT University took a training on lean manufacturing provided by KAMAZ OJSC where they learned about software development for unmanned vehicles and shared their impressions of sport trucks.

Students of Innopolis University speak about manufacturing process at Kamaz
Employees of Kamaz organised a tour across the production sites of the plant for students of the IT University. Elena Slipenko, Head Specialist of the Production System Development Committee at KAMAZ OJSC, said: “Students visited our assembling shops and the local Research and Technology Centre. They studied machine models developed during the whole history of the motor plant”.

Elena Slipenko mentioned that Kamaz and the IT University are working together on the development of an automated audit results analysis system. In this context, a visit of Innopolis students to Nabereznye Chelny is highly important because it will help to enhance the awareness and interest of the future graduates. “We offered the University students a manufacturing platform for doing internship and provided training at the process simulation site”, — explained the Kamaz official. 

Oleg Bulichev, 1-year student of Master’s degree program in Robotics:                 
“Lean manufacturing is a combination of the soviet-era and modern manufacturing entities on a platform with the total area equal to 60 football fields. In addition to standard Kamaz models, we saw a “family” of electric buses, one of which is running on streets of Innopolis, and witnessed military modifications of trucks. At the Research and Technology Centre, we learned about Kamaz Master and its location. I could hardly imagine that truck racing is such a severe sport - drivers and navigators often get multiple fractures during the race”.

Ibragim Mergaliev, 3-year Bachelor’s degree student:
“I got interested in Robotics a long time ago, and now I’d like to make graduation thesis  in this area. During our visit to the Research and Technology Centre, I saw software developers working on unmanned Kamaz vehicles. I paid attention to the tool, technologies and approaches they choose”.

Ruzilya Mirgalimova, 2-year student of Master’s degree program in “Software Engineering”:
“My parents work at Kamaz, and Naberezhnye Chelny is my home town. Being a Master’s degree students at Innopolis University, I discovered a new area for me — user interface design and development. Thus, during our visit I analysed systems in terms of the operator’s comfort”.


Oleg Bulichev, 1-year student of Master’s degree program in Robotics:
“One day we spent on a training devoted to lean manufacturing that imitates operation of an office where employees receive and process client’s orders and allocate demands for executive actions. We took on different roles – I was Head of Manufacturing Process. The training helped us to learn more about each other, team up and use lean manufacturing tools”.

Timur Faizrakhmanov, 2-year student of Master's degree program in Software Engineering:
“Kamaz is a perfect example of how simple principles of lean manufacturing adopted from Japan are applied in the complicated manufacturing environment in Russia. At the training, experts of the manufacturing process site convinced me that business process is an art that shall be described, understood and improved by teammates according to SQDCM principles”.

Ekaterina Ushakova, 4-year Bachelor’s degree student:
“During this semester I attended a course on Lean Software Development focused on lean development techniques in software development. At the workshop offered by Kamaz, I saw how these techniques work and become a part of the manufacturing process. I was impressed that software development and Kamaz vehicles assembling have so much in common”.

Bulat Mukhutdinov, 2-year student of Master's degree program in Software Engineering:
“We spent a whole day studying lean manufacturing methodologies, observed the theoretical part and applied obtained knowledge on practice. Simulation of a real manufacturing process and allocation of different roles gives an opportunity to understand the overall manufacturing process”.

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