Why Innopolis University is attractive for Italian schoolchildren?

500 schoolchildren from 6 Italian schools focused on Computer Science, Robotics, and natural sciences, got interested in the Russian IT education and learned about the admission requirements of Innopolis University. 

Why Innopolis University is attractive for Italian schoolchildren?

A delegation consisting of faculty members of Innopolis University made a presentation for pupils of senior forms in 6 Italian cities, in particular, Sulmona, Peskara, Forli, Cesene, Cremona, and Novara. Faculty members of the Russian IT University told Italian children about the fundamentals of programming, research projects on artificial intelligence, educational programs offered by Innopolis University and the selection procedure for those willing to get a study grant.   

According to the representatives of the University, schoolchildren were mostly interested in the following issues: 'Will the machines be smarter than the humans?', 'How did the faculty members start their work at Innopolis University?', 'Is it necessary to learn Russian to live in Innopolis?' and 'Is there any Italian food like pasta and pizza in Innopolis?'

“In early September the administration of IIS Torriani Cremona addressed us with a request to visit them and tell Italian schoolchildren about Innopolis University and the admission opportunities”, said Ekaterina Protsko, Head of Student Admission and Enrollment of Innopolis University. 'We accepted the invitation and decided to visit other Italian schools as well.  Professors from all over the world, including 5 research fellows from Italy, work at Innopolis University. They helped to arrange meetings with 6 Italian schools and organize five-days-tours. The return visit of the best Italian schoolchildren is planned for autumn of 2018”.

Ekaterina Protsko noticed that the University’s development strategy implies an active engagement of students from abroad. It is important for the University to cooperate with foreign schools in order to tell about educational opprtunities in Russia. “We want to make the pool of student and try to attract new applicants from different countries. Such tours are another way to attract students from abroad, so we admit invitations from other international schools with enthusiasm”.

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According to Eugene Zuev: “Visiting Italian schools was an interesting and unusual experience. Schools with technical or scientific focus are equipped with modern technologies i.e. tools, chemistry equipment, electrotechnics, and computer facilities. Schoolchildren can choose academic subjects they are interested in from a wide range of courses and get a professional experience in programming, robotics and mechatronics. We were glad that the questions discussed during the lecture corresponded to the profile of Innopolis University”.

According to Giancarlo Succi, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering: “We have met with excellent students. I am glad that after our presentation about the University 15 students consider entering Innopolis University. Some of them already have experience in programming and robotics. They are implementing their own projects and take part in academic competitions on robotics. Next year I hope to see them as students of Innopolis University”.

Samuel Mazolinni, a teacher of Informatics at Macroni school, Forli, said: “We saw that Innopolis University aimed to become a new Silicon Valley in the field of innovative computer technology. Our students who study Electrical Engineering and Technology have a high opinion of the opportunities provided by the University. They were glad to learn about study grants and scholarships which is a real support in studies. Schoolchildren also noticed that they could improve their English since it is the language of instruction at Innopolis University. The meeting made such a great impression on young people that some of them are getting ready to take part in the selection procedure to study at Innopolis University”.


“La provincial”, an Italian online-newspaper has released an article about the visit of the delegation from Innopolis University. According to the article, Mikelle Torresani, a teacher at IIS Torriani, noticed that “the Russian IT University provides an excellent opportunity for young and ambitious experts in the field of innovative technologies”.

Members of the delegation from Innopolis University:

- Giancarlo Succi, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Software Engineering,

- Manuel Mazzara, Director of the Institute of Technologies and Software Development

- Angelo Messina, Professor of the Institute of Information Systems

- Luca Galantini, Visiting Professor

- Eugene Zuev, Associate Professor                                             

- Bertrand Mayor, Professor


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