Why should business invest in education?

Representatives of IT companies shared their opinions on investing in knowledge and professional skills of students.

Why should business invest in education?

Recently Innopolis University has welcomed sponsors and donators at the inauguration of the wall of partners. We asked leaders and representatives of IT companies why business should collaborate with academic institutions. 


Establishment of Innopolis University is a very important event for our country and the IT industry. It can give a strong impulse and become a source of high-quality IT personnel. It is enough to say that Innopolis University is the first institution that provides training in the areas that are completely new for the Russian education system, for instance, Computer Science and Software Engineering. Every year, 500 graduates of Innopolis University will create the environment that will produce 10 times more technical experts i.e. over 4–6 thousands of engineers and programmers in just few years. It is not a secret that IT products are very competitive, and these specialists will help to boost the national economy».


"ICL-KME CS employs over 2,000 people. Every year the company welcomes more than 100 new employees. I hope Innopolis University will support us and provide forward-thinking young people who understand modern technology trends and are able to use them. For this reason, the University is very important for us. We have sent our mentors there and expect that they will help us in selection of talented students».


"Infomatika has been supporting the University since its establishment. It is a very interesting, unique and challenging project. Innopolis is likely to give a new impetus to the development of the domestic IT industry in general. We are patriots. Our company cooperates with the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communication of the Republic of Tatarstan and we believe the initiated project will provide benefits for the IT industry and business in general».


"MAYKOR is a leading provider of IT outsourcing services, and employees are the company’s main resource. In other words, our development and promotion of the IT industry largely depends on the proficiency of IT experts coming to us. MAYKOR has its own development strategy designed for the next few years. We know the number and the type of experts that the company needs to implement this strategy. It is quite a challenge to train IT industry experts in a couple of months. The preparation shall start since childhood. Today, by investing in the IT education and supporting academic competitions in core disciplines, we guarantee further supply of highly qualified and talented personnel in the IT industry and our company in particular. At the same time, we create proper conditions to attract such professionals».


"Benefits of AT Consulting depend on the number of talented and sophisticated young people interested in research and innovations who will join the Russian IT industry. Success of AT Consulting is determined by our employees, their expertise and competences. Every year companies operating in the high-tech industry attract a large number of graduates and they want young specialists to have good fundamental knowledge. Investment in higher education and training of employees is a guarantee of competitive abilities of companies, industry, and the country».


"Considering the fact that high technology is a driving force for our future, RusEnergoResource is very interested in properly trained IT professionals. We already have a number of interesting ideas that can be developed together with students of Innopolis University. It is a more cost-efficient and effective option as compared to services offered by consulting companies or expensive software developers. We all have children and we want them to get high-quality education in their home country». 


«As a partner of Innopolis University, MegaFon is proud to participate in development of domestic technology and economy. Training of Russian experts is our contribution to well-being and prosperity of the country. I am sure that Innopolis University will become the hub of innovative technologies, the original platform for world-class projects and the national pride».

The official inauguration ceremony of the wall of partners took place on April 22 in the presence of Nikolay Nikiforov, Minister of Telecom and Mass Communication of the Russian Federation, Roman Shaykhutdinov, Minister of Information and Communication of the Republic of Tatarstan, Egor Ivanov, Mayor of Innopolis city, Alexander Tormasov, Rector of Innopolis University and other honoured guests.

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