Internship in Industry

How, where and for what purpose students of Innopolis University do their summer internship?

Internship in Industry

For Innopolis University, student internship in IT companies is an important format of cooperation with industry. "We seek to establish connection with partners in an extended format i.e. build an internal operation scheme, prepare documentation, form regulations," - said Maxim Gashkov, Business Development Manager of the IT-University.

Student engagement is another essential part of this work. We explain the importance of internships and show different options. For instance, we offer 3rd year Bachelor students and 1st year Master's degree students internship in industrial companies and academic internship in the University labs along with practical training based on solution of internal IT tasks of the University. Meanwhile, 1st year students are provided with administrative internship in service divisions of Innopolis University.

 "On the other hand, this type of internship is quite novel both for universities and business in general," said Maxim Gashkov, having emphasized that Innopolis University acts a coordinator and not just a supplier of students. "We discuss the tasks that students will solve and the competencies they will need. Besides, we consider the stack of technologies to be used, and how it correlates with theoretical knowledge and practical experience of students, how it helps them to obtain new skills," explained Maxim.

In addition, experts of Innopolis University who are responsible for student internship have discussed with companies located in other cities the conditions of life and work in the company and if it can help with accommodation.

 As a rule, students are responsible for searching of an internship place and management of accommodation issues while a higher education institution discovers internship results from their reports. "Such a systematic approach is an opportunity to learn more about our industrial partners, their challenges and plans in order to discuss joint research projects and our cooperation," - explained the University representative. 

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