Innopolis University will help to train IT experts free of charge

Everyone interested in taking IT courses and getting employed by a resident company of Innopolis is welcome to participate.

Innopolis University will help to train IT experts free of charge

Courses of special IT training for Java-developers will start on October 3, 2016.  Later on the program will include other popular programming languages and areas like PHP, C++, testing and etc.

The course is designed for 2 months and consists of 300 hours with a half of them focused on practical tasks. Participants will be trained by IT experts and faculty members of the University. Students will be offered a free accommodation in the dormitories of Innopolis University. The cost of training and accommodation will be covered by Innopolis and resident companies.

Upon completion of the training courses, students will have at least 5 job interviews with Innopolis residents, including Sberbank Technology (SberTech), New Cloud Technologies, Yandex, Kaspersky, Acronis, 1С, Infowatch, Postgress, Positive Technologies, Center of Financial Technologies and others. According to the training conditions, if at least one meeting ends up with a job offer, a course participant shall accept it.

Follow the link to submit your application and pass a test.

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