Registration for CTF Inno 2018 is now open

CTF Inno 2018 is an annual tournament on cybersecurity for schoolchildren. Students of 9-11 forms from all parts of Russia will combat challenges in cryptography and steganography, deal with vulnerability of web applications and other aspects of information security. Registration for teams of 2-4 people is open until April 1.

Registration for CTF Inno 2018 is now open

On 1-7 April, Innopolis University will hold a remote selection of teams that includes 25 challenges and 7 categories: admin, crypto, forensic, network, ppc, web, joy. The challenges will be connected with virtual maps of the city where teams compete in capturing the territory. The participants who have gained the highest number of points will join the final round.

"This is the first competition for schoolchildren of this format held by Innopolis University. The first day will be task-based (jeopardy) which means that players will receive a set of tasks to find and deliver solutions for. A solution can may a set of symbols or an arbitrary phrase, — explained Alexey Khabibullin, Head of Project-Oriented Olympiads. — Classic (attack-defense) will be the second round of the competition. Each team will get a server or a small network to keep it functioning and guarantee protection. Points are credited for the correct operation of the server service and for information stolen from the opponent's server."

The competition finals will be held on April 21-22. Registration link

CTF (Capture the flag) is a team competition in cybersecurity where the key task of each team is to capture the opponent's "flag". Once the opponent's "flag" is captured, it means that the task is finished. Team earns points for each "flag".

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