Innopolis University study scholarships: call for applications is now open

The winners will receive a scholarship that covers 100% of the tuition fee and guarantees a monthly allowance on Bachelor and Master’s degree programs at the Russian IT University.

Innopolis University study scholarships: call for applications is now open

Innopolis University offers a Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science and four Master’s degree programs: Data Science, Software Engineering, Robotics, Secure System and Network Engineering (SNE).

According to Alexander Klimchik, Head of the Robotics program, Robotics is one of the rarest and currently in-demand areas of studies in Russia: “During the training, students learn about classic and modern methods of modeling, design and management of robotic systems. As part of the training courses, internships and graduation projects, they get the experience related to different types of robots, and do both engineering and research work”.

Rasheed Hussain, Head of the SNE Program, mentioned that students learn about the main areas in cybersecurity, in particular, Internet security, penetration testing, best practices of secure software engineering, low level security, and technical review.

The selection procedure for foreign candidates will include four steps:

Step 1: Register your application at application portal of Innopolis University. Fill in the application form, prepare your CV/portfolio, motivation letter (required), letters of recommendation (optional), project description (optional), pass the online tests and submit your application.

Step 2: Get the invitation for a skype interview with the admissions office representative.

Step 3: Get the invitation for the second interview with faculty members of Innopolis University.

Step 4: Pass the English language test or a certificate of proficiency in English (IELTS Academic, TOEFL certificates, etc.)

Step 5: Get the scholarship decision letter on your e-mail.

According to Manuel Mazzara, Director of the Institute of Technologies and Software Development, Innopolis University is looking for “those that, among the uncountable opportunities that the global world of IT education offer, really want to be here at this point in time to participate to the innovation challenge in Innopolis University. Those who are ambitious and flexible enough to succeed in such a dynamic environment. We need students with strong background in math, and capable to work with abstractions, not with a specific technology or paradigm”.

According to results of the admission campaign 2017/2018, 12 113 applicants applied for Innopolis University’s study scholarship, including 4 947 candidates applying for Master’s degree programs, and 7 166 candidates applying for Bachelor’s degree programs. In general, 7 872 applications were submitted from Russia, 1 594 - from 10 CIS countries, 2 647 - from 133 other countries. As of the fall semester 2017, the total number of people enrolled to Bachelor and Master’s degree programs of Innopolis University is 255 people.

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