Children from Kurgan, Moscow and Kursk won the First Russian Fintech Olympiad for Schoolchildren

Innopolis University has held the final stage of a fintech competition where students of  9—11 forms worked on tasks offered by industrial partners of the IT University i.e. AK BARS Bank, the Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development, Qiwi and InspiRussia Accelerator.

Children from Kurgan, Moscow and Kursk won the First Russian Fintech Olympiad for Schoolchildren
At the on-site stage of the competition the University welcomed 12 teams from Chuvash Republic, Kurgan Region, Moscow Region, Republic of Bashkortostan, Sverdlovsk Region, Kamchatka Region, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Novosibirsk Region, Republic of Tatarstan and Kaluga Region. Earlier the young people competed at the distant stage of the competition that included 350 registered participants.

31 schoolchildren successfully passed the first trials and were invited to the final part of the competition organised as a hackathon. During two days the teams of 2—3 people developed working prototypes from scratch. The task was to create a chat bot that can define a scope of questions to be asked by users and choose relevant answers on its own.

“For instance, let us take a user who asks: “What loan can you provide if my income is 50 000 rubles?” The bot understands that the questions is about loan services and gives necessary information”, — explained Alexey Khabibullin, Head of Project-Oriented Academic Competitions Office.

Results achieved by the teams were evaluated by the jury consisting of faculty members of Innopolis University, the Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development and AK BARS Bank. The team 20% Cooler including Evgeny Ivanov (Kurgan), Andrey Sebyakin (Moscow) and Danila Sergachev (Kursk) won the Olympiad. The second position was taken by Send Nodes consisting of Yaroslav Kharchenko and Konstantin Rybkin (Novosibirsk). The third position was taken by Dreamscape: Andrey Kazantsev (Petropavlov-Kamchatsky), Alexander Gaev (Cheboksary), Yury Garnov (Dolgoprudny). Winners got fitness trackers, holders of the 2nd place — power banks, holders of the 3rd place — portative speakers. Participants of the final stage were invited to do internship at Qiwi.
During the next academic year, the fintech Olympiad of Innopolis University will include three stages: theoretical and team-based stages held off-site and the on-site team-based stage. Participants of the first stage will deal with tasks based on theoretical background of real fintech cases. The second stage will include lectures, webinars and tasks that will help young people to the most challenging final task. Teams competing at the third stage of the Olympiad will proceed to industry problems that involve real data and tools.

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