Russian participants of eJOI 2018 won the majority of the gold medals

The European Informatics Olympiad hosted by Innopolis University is officially closed. This year eJOI2018 gathered 80 participants under 15 years from 21 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia and Estonia.

Russian participants of eJOI 2018 won the majority of the gold medals
The Russian participants of eJOI2018 won the majority of gold medals and took the first position in the overall team rating. Each country was represented by teams of 4 people. As a host country Russia had the right to include an additional team in the competition.

"Based on results of the training boot camp at Innopolis University we have selected 8 participants of the two teams that will represent Russia at eJOI. These are students from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Lipetsk region who have shown the best results in the final stage of the Russian Olympiad in Informatics for Schoolchildren and in the qualifying rounds at the boot camp, said Dinar Gumerov, Head of the Office of Subject-Oriented Olympiads at Innopolis University and Secretary General of eJOI 2018. 

The participants had two days to deal with six tasks. The programmers getting the highest scores became the winners. 7 schoolchildren from Russia, Bulgaria, Armenia and Romania received gold medals. Egor Lifar, Anton Sadovnichy and Semyon Savkin, 8th-and 9th-form schoolchildren from Moscow took the top-3 lines in the rating followed by 15 participants from Russia, Poland, Croatia, France, Serbia and Bulgaria who won silver medals. 23 eJOI participants from Estonia, Poland, Croatia, France, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Armenia, Belgium and Moldova received bronze medals.


"The Russian participants are holding strong positions at international competitions because we have built a systematic approach to training schoolchildren and created a large community of professional teachers engaged in the national Olympiad movement", added Dinar Gumirov.
The European Junior Olympiad in Informatics (EJOI) is a competition for young programmers under 15 years of age held according to the rules of the International Olympiad in Informatics. It includes a preliminary and two main rounds when the participants are challenged with C++ or Java problems. Teams from the countries included in the European Council can participate in the Olympiad. The first eJOI event took place in 2017 in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Back then, the Russian participants won 3 gold and one silver medal. After that the organizing committee of the Olympiad and the leaders of the delegations of European countries supported the initiative of the Russian IT University to host eJOI2018 in Innopolis University.

"The Olympiad went off very well! Each eJOI unit worked fine, everything was clear and in time. What is more important, the competitions did not cause any trouble. Now the key task of eJOI organizers is to increase the number of participating countries by showing how the Olympiad was held in Sofia and Innopolis", commented Krasimir Manev, President of the International Olympiad in Informatics.

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