Students of Innopolis University won the main prize of Rybakov Foundation at Social Spirit

The team developed, an aggregator of educational online courses. 

Students of Innopolis University won the main prize of Rybakov Foundation at Social Spirit

Only 29 teams out of 200 have successfully passed the selection at the finals of the hackathon in Moscow. Three teams became the winners. The team of Innopolis University consisting of five 4-year students — Kuzma Leshakov, Timofey Lysenko, Alisher Tleugabylov, Alexander Parfenov, and Sergey Pinkevich — won 50 000 RUB for development of their project. Besides, the team received a free of charge participation in the accelerator and 4 sessions with mentors of Rybakov Foundation. 

“ is a project providing users with a free of charge access to detailed information about educational courses available on the Internet. In addition, the system gives recommendations helping to make the right choice of a course based on personal needs”, — explained Kuzma Leshakov, a team member. He noticed that the resource also supports non-commercial organizations and corporations in their search of employees. The system recommends suitable candidates to companies according to the specified competencies.

Kuzma mentioned that the idea to develop the aggregator was inspired by the course Introduction to IT Entrepreneurship taught at Innopolis University: “We estimated costs, compared our product with similar ones, studied the market situation, and developed the marketing strategy. We often had to postpone the second stage of the project. That is why we are happy that we have managed to implement the basic functional of the platform taking into account the feedback from the hackathon mentors”.

The hackathon was organized by МТС and Deworkacy with the purpose to develop software products that will improve living standards and solve existing social problems.

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