Professor of Innopolis University has written a book on the practical use of Big Data for cybersecurity issues

A book was published by Springer Science+Business Media, the second largest publisher in the world in the field of science, technology, and medicine ( STM). The book is sold online and in bookstores.

Professor of Innopolis University has written a book on the practical use of Big Data for cybersecurity issues

"Big Data Technologies for Monitoring of Computer Security: A Case Study of the Russian Federation" ("Big Data technologies for monitoring cybersecurity threats") authored by Sergey Petrenko, head of CERT Centre at Innopolis University, is based of his monograph National Early Warning System for Computer Attacks written in Russian. The Russian version was created in cooperation with Dmitry Stupin, candidate of technical sciences, Deputy General Designer at "RTI" OJSC.

"The English version of the book contains some new material. It is more practical and focused on the use of modern technologies of big data collecting and processing," says Sergey Petrenko.

The book deals with the practical issues of cyber security in the areas that are currently in demand but less represented in the international and domestic editions. The author described smart cybersecurity technologies in terms of big data collection and processing. Also he reviewed trusted cognitive supercomputer technologies of big data processing with high and ultrahigh performance; technologies for the automated situation modeling and prediction of the opponent's behavior in cyberspace; technology-adaptive security architecture; technology-trusted grid devices and secure system architecture; technologies of software-defined networking and virtualization of network functions.

"I collected materials from the best practices of the CERT Centre at Innopolis University and combined it with the experience gained in position of Director of the Centre for Cybersecurity Systems at "Sistema" Joint-Stock Financial Corporation that includes NVision Group, RTI, MTS and MGTS, — continued Sergey Petrenko. — The experience described in the book made it possible to synthesize scenarios of early warning and control of opponents in cyberspace with very large volumes of structured and unstructured data obtained from diverse sources like Internet/Intranet and IoT/IIoT".

The book is intended for practitioners in the field of cybersecurity, students, graduates and engineers specializing in relevant fields. It will be useful to the managers of large state and private corporations, heads of automation and information security services, designers and research engineers working in the area of cybersecurity.

According to Paul Drougas, Publishing Editor at Springer Science+Business Media, "This book will clarify many issues related to cybersecurity. It will help to establish a protective framework on the territory of Russia and beyond. Despite the fact that there are other books and publications on the matter, this edition is absolutely worth reading. It outlines little-known areas of modern platforms and cybersecurity threats and shows widely known areas from the other side."

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