Originally from Pakistan, Batool received her Masters of Science in Computer Sciences (MSCS) with an Awarded Entrance Scholarship and proven research record in Security & Privacy, IoT, CyberSecurity, Data Science, Big Data Analytics from National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, NUCES-FAST in 2014. She received her BE degree in Information Technology (BEIT) from University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila in 2011. In the same year, she worked with a start up company as a Database Administrator.

Batool’s background spans a diverse range of disciplines: CS, Mathematics, computational science and linguistics. Prior to joining here in Innopolis University, she taught various programming courses in CS and the Mathematics related courses at the Capital University of Science and Technology - CUST, and Roots International University College. Apart from spending countless hours conducting valuable research and teaching, she enjoyed being involved in various administrative, Tennis sports coordinator & Co-curricular Activities Coordinator like Academic Competitions and Seminars.

As an active researcher in SNE program of Innopolis University, her current research focuses on Security and Privacy in Emerging Technologies of Automation - Autonomous Vehicles. Her research revolves mostly around the areas of Cyber security, IoT, Information Security, Big data and analytics, Natural language processing and data mining. During her career, she worked in several research projects on security and privacy, information visualization, text analysis, and sentiment analysis, which resulted in published papers and conference presentations.

She has been a topper who earned various scholarships throughout her academic career. A hardworking perfectionist, painstaking, keen learner and an innovative person, who fulfills her responsibilities with efficiency and effectiveness, takes initiatives to bring about positive changes and adopts the situations that act according to professional requirements. In the course of her career, she further demonstrates her leadership and communication skills by serving as a Girl Head Organizer, debater on various forums and article writer in a newspaper. Articulate and professional communication skills, including formal presentations and technical documentation.

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