Mandatory Requirements:

  • 1.5 years of experience in network administration and/or development
  • Knowledge of English (to be approved by education department)
  • Knowledge of protocols and architecture of computer networks
  • Skills in Linux-based operating systems
  • Programming skills: Low-level development (C/C++) or web-application development (python / JavaScript / Ruby ) the Unix command shell scripts
  • Knowledge of algebra and discrete mathematics
  • Experience in composition of technical documentation

Preferred Requirements:

  • Experience in practical security (penetration testing)
  • Software security
  • Code review and vulnerabilities assessment
  • Participation in CTF competitions

Selection Process

Students must have the correct preparatory training and knowledge as well as motivation to be able to successfully graduate from the Master SNE. All applicants must submit a motivational letter and a CV and participate in an intake procedure. The first part of the intake procedure consists of a number of tests pertaining to skills and knowledge. The second part consists of a short non-PowerPoint presentation of previous work (might be Bachelor thesis) and an intake interview.

The intake tests will cover the following topics

Networking (Elementary knowledge of (TCP/IP) networking). Materials:

Unix (Knowledge of a variety of GNU/*nix command line programs). Materials:

Algebra (Questions to test basic knowledge of algebra). Materials:

Discrete Mathematics (Logic, Set, and Graph Theory). Materials:

Python (Knowledge about the workings of the Python programming language). Material:


Shell Scripting (Bash - You will be asked to write a number of scripts) Material:

Writing skills (Reading and summarizing a technical document)

Intake interview

Upon passing exams, we invite you for an intake interview. During this interview we want to hear about your motivation and educational background. We also ask you to present your bachelor thesis (just in speech—no PowerPoint!)

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