The SNE curriculum

The curriculum of 60 ECTS encompasses 10 courses in total.

There are 8 regular courses, each course is 8 weeks long and 2 research projects, each project is 4 weeks. The students have to spend 4 full weeks on each of the projects. Besides, research projects, the students also have to carry out course projects in some of the courses.

The SNE education now has two tracks, a Networking track and a Security track.*

Semester 1

Period 1 - 8 weeks
(August, September, October)

Essential Skills

Classical Internet Applications

Period 2 - 8 weeks
(October, November, December)

Security of Systems and Networks

Distributed Systems

Period 3 - 4 weeks
(December, January)

Research Project 1

Semester 2

Period 4 - 8 weeks
(January, February, March)

Large Installation Administration

InterNetworking and Routing
CyberCrime and Forensics

Period 5 - 8 weeks
(March, April, May)

Offensive Technologies

Advanced Networking
Advanced Security

Period 6 - 10 weeks
(May, June, July)

Networking Research Project 2
Security Research Project 2
(Networking track) (Security track)

* Only Security track will be available during the 2016-2017 academic year

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