The Master of Science in System and Network Engineering

The Master of Science in System and Network Engineering

The Secure Systems and Network Engineering is a one year master program which was originally brought to Innopolis University from University of Amsterdam (SNE at UvA). The program itself is very extensive, and students will have to devote their time fully to the study process. Because of complexity of homework assignments and topics covered during the year, we have comprehensive admission procedure, which includes tests and presentation. You can find more information about the procedure on admission procedure web page.

Typically students have lectures during the first half of the day, and practical assignments and labs afternoon.

Core courses of SSNE program (6 credits each):

  • FIA (Fundamental Internet Applications)
  • AN (Advanced Networking)
  • DS (Distributed Systems)
  • SSN (Security of Systems and Networks)
  • LIA (Large Installation Administration)
  • AS (Advanced Security)
  • OT (Offensive Technologies)
  • CCF (Cyber Crime and Forensics)

In addition, there are two Elective courses which students are able to choose.

Besides Core and Elective courses, there are two research projects which students will have to carry out. Each project is one month-long (6 credits): the first project starts in January and the second at the end of academic year. The second project represents Master’s thesis.
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