User Experience and User Interface Design Fundamentals

MSIT-SE-M-11 User Experience

Credits: 12 units

Semester: Fall

Length: full semester


The course focuses on what software engineers, architects, product owners and project managers need to do to create usable designs, explains the importance of user experience and provides methods and instruments for integrating UX in the project lifecycle. This course will be useful for beginners and people who have some experience in software engineering.

After completing this course students will be able to:

  • Understand psychology of various users and essential principles of user interaction with systems.
  • Create prototypes and user interfaces for a range of devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.)
  • Use the User Experience Design to improve their product, increase its business value, customer satisfaction and lower development costs.
  • Perform various kinds of usability testing and use the results to improve the quality of user interfaces.



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