Dynamic Software Testing

MSIT-SE-M-13 Dynamic Software Testing

Credits: 12 units

Semester: Fall

Length: full semester


This course provides a theoretical framework and practical information for testing software throughout its life cycle. In addition to the text book, you will be reading materials from the modern software testing literature. A course project will involve preparing a test plan, test scenario generation, running the tests, test automation, calculating various testing metrics and writing the final test report for an open source software application (or other appropriate software). These activities will enhance your learning and synthesis of the course materials.
This is an activity based course – the best way to learn software testing is to experiment with different approaches on working software. Weekly forum discussions allow you to share your real-world experiences with the class and to talk about the project with each other. Weekly graded homework assignments and project deliverables will help you stay on schedule with the project and learning objectives.
Software testing is challenging and often considered to be boring and onerous. But testing is an important activity and it can be fun and very rewarding if it is approached correctly. After completing this course, I hope that you will have a greater appreciation for the role of software testing in any organization that builds or uses software.

After completing this course students will be able to:

  • gain greater appreciation for the role of software testing in any organization that builds or uses software
  • create test plans and test scenarios
  • identify and collect metrics representative for various projects


Students are expected to have prior industrial experience and to be familiar with the main phases of software development lifecycle.

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