Practicum Project I & II

12 units in Spring

24 units in Summer


The Practicum Project is the capstone demonstration by the students of their abilities as software engineers. It provides a context in which students can demonstrate their abilities to apply the techniques they have learned in the core and electives courses. They will do so by solving a substantial practical problem in a realistic setting. Focus of the Practicum Project will be to understand major aspects of the software development life cycle in detail.

The Practicum Project is intended for small teams of no more than four people. All Practicum Projects are guided by an experienced group of mentors with extensive industry background in managing software development projects. Mentors focus on teamwork, organization and the use of disciplined software processes to guide students as they apply methods, tools and techniques to solve practical problems. The use of mentoring as a primary teaching tool for the Practicum Projects allows students to make decisions to direct the project while benefiting from the guidance of experienced practitioners.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand all major phases of a software development project.
  • Apply time management techniques to organize and prioritize their time.
  • Understand the different stages of team formation: leadership styles, decision-making approaches, and conflict resolution techniques.
  • Practice reflective learning.


Acceptance into the MSIT-SE program and successful completion of the five Software Engineering MSIT-SE core courses.

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