Mobile Applications Design and Development

MSIT-SE-M-12 Mobile Applications Design and Development

Credits: 12 units

Semester: Fall

Length: full semester


Use of mobile devices has been experiencing a very significant increase in recent years. This is driven by the lowering cost of hardware components, service infrastructures as well as software architectures. With the fast expansion of mobile devices, the development of applications for these devices is fast entering the mainstream of software development. Software engineers entering this field need to understand how the characteristics of mobile devices and applications affect decisions about software design and be able to select and use appropriate technologies, standards, APIs and toolkits to build applications for mobile devices.

This course will get you started with development and design for mobile devices and Internet of Things. It will benefit those who wish to distinguish themselves across a wide range of technical disciplines within the rapidly expanding field of mobile technologies. In this course will learn about various constraints facing mobile application developers, with respect to hardware, user expectations, and requirements from enterprise.

After completing this course students will be able to:

  • Use appropriate development techniques to write and test interactive applications for mobile devices.
  • Apply mobile design principles.
  • Evaluate and select appropriate solutions to solve technical challenges posed by current mobile devices and wireless communications.
  • Identify current trends in mobile communications technologies and systems to keep up with rapid changes and new developments.
  • Select and evaluate suitable software tools and APIs for the development of a particular mobile application and understand their strengths, scope and limitations.


The course is designed for graduate students that are familiar with Java programming language. Those students who have extensive experience with other object-oriented programming languages like Python or C# will do fine in the course as well.

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