Lean Software Development

MSIT-SE-M-17 Lean Software Development

Credits: 12

Semester: Spring

Length: full semester


This course exposes the student to the core concepts behind Lean Development in Software Engineering, beyond myths and legends, emphasizing how it relates to the general principles of Lean Development. It discusses the different possible software processes, how they can be tailored, enacted, and measured.

After completing this course students will be able to:

  • Understand the principles behind Lean Management
  • Appreciate the implication of applying Lean Management to Software Production
  • Relate the various proposals for Agile Methods to the overall principles of Lean Management
  • Define a suitable (lean) process for a new organization, a process to introduce and institutionalize it, and an approach to measure the outcome of such introduction and institutionalization


The student should have a good understanding of the key issues related to software development, and, if possible, also some hands-on experience on developing software inside organizations.

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