MSIT-SE-M-14 Advanced Java

Credits: 12 units

Semester: Fall

Length: full semester


This course exposes the student to the understanding of the core concepts behind the Java programming languages in its 8th edition, emphasizing how they relate to more general principles of programming languages. It discusses the imperative, the object oriented, and the (few) declarative aspects of Java. It analyses the Java virtual machines, comparing the different existing options.

After completing this course students will be able to:

  • Understand how a Java program works from the inside.
  • Appreciate the implication of the programming language choices to the structure of the underlying computation.
  • Relate the various design decisions of the Java programming language to the overall principle of programming languages.
  • Identify how Java is connected to the most modern principles of software engineering, and, in particular, to design patterns.


Students are expected to be familiar with basics of Java and Object-oriented programming principles.

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