Independent Study


Studentinitiated and faculty-supervised study or research.


Allow motivated students to work on selected topics from software engineering under the supervision of a faculty advisor while receiving academic credits. Independent studies require prior approval from the faculty member. This approval takes the form of an Independent Study Proposal which must be submitted to the Graduate Office for any independent study project before the deadline set for the academic year. Units assigned to independent study may be either 6 or 9 units. 6-unit study is a one semester long. 9-unit study is two semesters long. A maximum of one independent study is permitted to apply toward degree completion requirements. There are two kinds of Independent study: a scientific research and a case study. A deliverable for scientific research is a published conference paper. The deliverables for a case study are a report and a presentation in front of the university faculty members.


The purpose of an independent study is to explore an area of interest in depth, gain experience in a science area, and work closely with an expert in the field.


  • GPA is 3.33 and higher.
  • An executive summary, including scope, goals and objectives of study.
  • A definition of the work to be completed, including:
          ○ List of deliverables
          ○ Timelines (milestones, strategic plan, etc.)
          ○ Reviews
          ○ Final report
  • Deliverables should include a report, which will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the technique in the chosen domain and relate what went well and poorly during the independent study.
Also in the report you could propose next steps.
  • A mentor from faculty members.


  1. Propose a topic. This will take the form of a formal document and will be considered the first deliverable of the project.
  2. Discuss the project with faculty members that have expertise in the domain.
  3. Receive approval from your academic advisor and Independent Study mentor. Approval should be received no later than January 11, 2016 .
  4. Independent study final approval by the MSITSE director.
  5. Prepare a Study Plan. It should be ready no later than January 23, 2016.
  6. Begin the project.
  7. Report periodically to your mentor.

List of possible areas

  • Robotics
  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering
         ○ Requirements Elicitation
         ○ Project Management
         ○ Architecture
         ○ Analysis of Software Artifacts
  • User Experience
  • Distributed Systems
  • Cloud Computing

List of possible mentors

  • Any full time faculty member from Innopolis University.


By request.
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