MSIT-SE-M-16 Advanced C++

Credits: 9 units

Semester: Fall

Length: full semester


In many cases the organizations need to develop high performance C++ code. Examples are big computational expensive systems (like CAD tools), different kind of real time high performance systems (automated stock exchange systems, various embedded electronics systems) and so on. Such development requires specific skills usually in the area of C++ programming and solid understanding of low level computing system functionality.

With their technical backgrounds, many software developers have only skills of high level programming (Databases, general programming languages like Java). Though in many cases it is sufficiently good, in some cases they suffer from the lack of skills in developing high performance code (for example in the case of embedded system development).

Advanced C++ programming addresses the students' need for extra skills in the development of high performance code using modern C++ development facilities, specifically on the Linux platform.

After completing this course students will be able to:

  • Develop industry level quality C++ code.
  • Understand performance implications of their C++ code.
  • Perform code optimization.


The course focuses on graduate students with

  • Good understanding of some other programming languages (like Java, Python, PHP, etc)
  • Little to no prior experience in C++ development.

Undergraduate senior students are welcome to take the course provided, if they are prepared to dedicate additional time and effort.

Ph.D. students may enroll to the course.

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