Communication II

Course topics

General rules and recommendations 

Credits: 3 units

Semester: Spring

Length: full semester


The goal of the Communication course is to provide students a wide range of skills that can help them to succeed in the Software Engineering program as well as in their future career. The aim of Communication II is for students to master the presentation skills and everything that is needed to develop and successfully deliver a technical presentation.

The course is delivered in the Spring, once a week. It includes numerous practical activities and in-class exercises, so the 100% participation (and presence) is required to pass the course. Students will also be asked to do homework.

  • Slides
  • Body language
  • Using your voice

As presentation skills need practice, students will have different assignments to master the skills:

  • Prepared presentation
  • Improvisations
  • Presentation in a group
  • Rehearsals for the presentations for the Practicum project and chosen Core course projects

Additional topics may be adding if students show interest and share the ideas with the instructors.

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